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Indoor house design plays a key role in making your residence more attractive to the viewer’s eyes. In fact, as the most frequently used space of a house, kitchens are very important in terms of the extent to which a house seems gorgeous. In a sense, a kitchen is the essential space of each and every house and, naturally, its function and visual impression is of the first priority. Cabinets, in turn, are the major part in a kitchen; they are the first part to which the viewer’s attention is directed. Hence, justifiable selection of the kitchen cabinets should not be taken for granted.

Application and variety of the kitchen cabinets dates back to a very long time ago. In fact, wooden cupboard-like chambers, with beautiful and charming designs, may be considered as the oldest forms of the kitchen cabinets. However, the application of the kitchen cabinets, as we know today, has come to the fore in Europe since 1920’s. In the past, they were mainly made of wood or metal. Today, however, a wide variety of kitchen cabinets are made thanks to recent technological advancements and availability of various materials.

A TO Z has tried to provide you with rather comprehensive information on kitchen cabinets. In what follows, after taking a glance at different kinds of kitchen cabinets, advantages and disadvantages of different cabinets, along with pictures of each, are addressed.

Why are cabinets as the most important part of each kitchen?

Cabinets are not only important in terms of covering the functional space in kitchens, but also for the major role they play in reflecting the indoor space of the house and, therefore, of the attraction of the house as a whole. Through selecting beautifully designed cabinets which are in harmony with indoor design, you would be able to set and/or arrange kitchen wares as well as other home appliances justifiably. Thus, in brief, you can bring beauty and order to your kitchen.

Various kinds of kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinets may be put in a wide variety of groups in terms of the materials they are made of. Accordingly, the most important kitchen cabinets are as follows:



Wood kitchen cabinets

Wood may be considered as the oldest and the most favorite material used by kitchen cabinet designers and builders. They may be made of either natural wood or synthetic wood-based materials (such as MDF, chipboard, high gloss board, thermofoil board, etc.) covered with wood veneers.

Different kinds of wood may be used in this category the most common of which include beech, maple, walnut, oak, poplar, fig tree wood, pear tree wood as well as synthetic wood.

Metal kitchen cabinets

Metal kitchen cabinets are generally made of steel or galvanized sheets. However, Making and using them have almost totally become outdated.


Different kitchen cabinets based on construction and connected parts

In terms of design, kitchen cabinets may be divided into two groups known so called as Classic and Modern. The former are generally made of wood, with elaborate designs. They often help to create a warm atmosphere in kitchen and, naturally, at home. The latter have generally simple and assertive designs. They help to make a modern atmosphere at home. Also, they are often made of polymer materials, metal, plastic and wood.

Also, in terms of how the kitchen cabinets are arranged, that is to say, installed at one side of the kitchen or both sides, they can be differentiated from each on the following basis:

One-sided design

If your kitchen is small and/or you are not very find of it or basically, your kitchen wares and appliances are limited in number, installation of a single row of modern cabinets in cooking space may be interestingly acceptable. One-sided modern cabinets are quite affordable and are a good choice for a single-person family.

Double-sided design

Double-sided design cabinets are particularly suitable for kitchens which are rectangular in shape. These cabinets, like one-sided design, are economical. Such cabinets are especially suitable for small families. In addition, they don’t prevent the light flow.

L-shaped cabinets

If your kitchen is large enough, then installation of the cabinets in an L-shaped arrangement is a good choice. This arrangement covers the intended area well and the corners of the kitchen are left free to place a table.

U-shaped cabinets

Irrespective of the kitchen area, arrangement of U-shaped cabinets creates a charming feeling. One of the advantages of this arrangement is that you have more freedom to create spaces as you like.

Island kitchen cabinets

A kitchen island cabinet is an independent cabinet in circular, rectangular or square shape which is almost placed in the kitchen center. Such cabinets, which may be fixed or movable, can also be used as a working table, a space to keep home appliances, a sink, etc.


Open design

Open design makes possible the direct connection between the kitchen and the living room creates a warmer and more comfortable atmosphere.


MDF kitchen cabinets

MDF kitchen cabinets are among the most publicly used cabinets worldwide. This is mainly because of the quality of the material used, economical price as well as machinability of MDF panels.


MDF (Medium-Density Fiberboard) is a composite product made by broken down hardwood or softwood residuals combined by resin binder by applying high pressure and temperature forming it into panels. As such, the whole process is environment-friendly helping to save more trees.

As MDF is in the form of compressed panels, it is durable and rather resistant to heat and moisture. As such, it is a good choice for the cooking area. In addition, as MDF is quite machinable, a wide variety of desired shapes can be created out of it. There are of course certain other similar materials, each with their own characteristics, used in building kitchen cabinets known in market as membrane (PVC), high gloss and some others.

Applying certain artificial veneers commonly) known as foil, vinyl, acrylic and/or natural veneers made of chipboard or fiber) both increases durability of MDF panels and makes possible variety of designs.

Advantages of kitchen MDF panels

  • High resistance against heat and moisture.
  • Good adaptability with various climates.
  • Beauty and machinability creating variety of designs.
  • Good acoustic isolation.
  • Variety of fixed and rich colors.
  • Easy washability.


Disadvantages of kitchen MDF panels

  • Low repairability.
  • If MDF cabinets are not veneered, the surface of the panels becomes flaky when exposed to direct heat.
  • Applying powerful detergents containing alcohol or acetone may cause damage to MDF cabinets.
  • MDF cabinets may get damaged if they are washed with water.
  • The formaldehyde contained in MDF panels may pollute the air.


One of the most gorgeous kitchen cabinets which have come to the fore recently is curved cabinets. The body of these cabinets, made of MDF, is veneered with ——- formed into a curved shape.


Advantages of curved kitchen cabinets

  • High machinability.
  • Beautiful colors and designs.
  • High durability.
  • Being waterproof


Due to their attractive appearance, curved cabinets are well suited for small kitchen. At the same time, curved cabinets may be an ideal choice for seemingly inapplicable spaces.

In addition, curved cabinets provide you with an attractive island in large kitchens. In addition, because of their circular shape, curved cabinets let you have a complete circulation around the island.


PVC kitchen cabinets

PVC cabinets can be considered in the same class as MDF cabinets. In fact, PVC panels are the same MDF panels veneered with PVC covers. The covers have a high quality and can be washed much more easily than MDF panels. One important advantage of PVC cabinets is that you can choose, among a wide variety of covers with different colors and designs, your favorite choice creating your own totally customized cabinets. Matt and high gloss cabinets are among the most favorite PVC cabinets.


Advantages of PVC kitchen cabinets

  • Rich variety of colors.
  • Long durability and
  • No need to recoloring.
  • High resistance against moisture and physical tension.
  • Light weight.
  • Anti-scratching.
  • Easier maintenance than wood and classic cabinets.
  • Easier installation than wood cabinets.
  • Affordability and high quality.
  • Adaptability to various customized designs.
  • Good thermal isolation.
  • Speed in assembling.


Disadvantages of PVC kitchen cabinets


  • The wood used in making PVC panels is synthetic and thus is not decomposable in nature.


Wood-veneer kitchen cabinets

Today, kitchen cabinets made of wood-veneer MDF panels have become very popular. Such wood veneers are available in natural beautiful designs. Wood-veneer kitchen cabinets may well satisfy the taste of those who like wood kitchen cabinets but are not able to afford them. In other words, wood-veneer kitchen cabinets may create the same sense with an affordable price. Among the wood veneers, with natural effect, elm and oak are the most popular.

Advantages of wood-veneer kitchen cabinets

  • More affordable than cabinets made of natural wood.
  • Creating a warm and attractive atmosphere.
  • Compatibility with nearly all design and arrangements.
  • Long durability.


Disadvantages of wood-veneer kitchen cabinets

  • Should be waxed every now and then.
  • Should not be exposed to moisture.
  • Susceptible to pests.


Classic kitchen cabinets

One of the most popular kitchen cabinets worldwide is classic cabinets. Classic kitchen cabinets are usually made of wood and various elaborate designs can be created. Kitchen cabinets can be put in three distinct groups, namely membrane cabinets, wood cabinets and wood-veneer cabinets. Membrane, PVC, MDF, high gloss, wood and wood-veneer cabinets are all subclasses of classic kitchen cabinets. Salient features of classic kitchen cabinets include traditionally designed handles, pedestals and high numbers of shelves. Moreover, in classic cabinets the shelves are short-distance apart but deep. Commonly, the colors used in classic cabinets are in matt tone.


Advantages of Classic kitchen cabinets

  • Covers the kitchen area sufficiently
  • Satisfies the tastes of different people.
  • A lot of shelves and cupboards have been considered.
  • Affects the total atmosphere of the house
  • High machinability to produce various designs.


Disadvantages of Classic kitchen cabinets

  • Due to high heaviness, installation is rather difficult.
  • The process of designing and building is time-consuming.
  • High price.


Membrane kitchen cabinets

Membrane kitchen cabinets have become very popular recently. Thanks to CNC machining, it is possible to create a wide variety of beautiful designs out of MDF panels. As such, many customized designs as well as artistic forms like wood embossing and wood mosaic are plausible turning your kitchen into a unique cozy palace!

The salient features of membrane kitchen cabinets include elaborate designs, designs in relief, vacuum coating. Moreover, in membrane kitchen cabinets, there are usually drawers, cupboards, traditionally-designed handles as well as pedestals. In order to protect the membrane cabinets, they are covered with waterproof and anti-heat coating. Membrane cabinets are both affordable and attractive. They not only create a warm and charming atmosphere in the kitchen but also in the house. The various designs of membrane can be named, so to speak, as classic, neoclassic and modern. The only difference is that instead of natural wood, the panels used are made of wood waste and resin.


Advantages and disadvantages of membrane kitchen cabinets

Membrane kitchen cabinets are more affordable than other wood classic cabinets. The key advantages and disadvantages of membrane kitchen cabinets as follows:


  • More affordable than other classic cabinets.
  • More durable and resistant to moisture and heat.
  • Attractive and compatible with various designs.
  • Available in different colors and designs.
  • Easily washable.
  • Lightweight and easily installed.
  • Available in warm and charming colors. The most popular colors are while and gold.


  • In case of being damaged or scratched, they can’t be restored.
  • They are vulnerable to moisture and heat if they are not coated.
  • The created designs will be damaged if low-quality binder (adhesive) is applied. Therefore a reliable adhesives must be used. Also, long exposure to direct sunlight may decompose the adhesive resulting in the connections and bonds becoming loose.
  • Sharp-pointed objects may incur irreversible damages to the surface of the panels.


High gloss kitchen cabinets

Of other kitchen cabinets built in modern styles, are high gloss cabinets. High gloss cabinets, as the name suggests, are glossier than common MDF panels and, at the same time, more durable. High gloss kitchen cabinets enjoy a wide range of colors and designs. Also, the light reflected from the glossy panels makes the kitchen atmosphere lighter. The most popular colors in high gloss cabinets are black, white, red, orange and violet.


Advantages of high gloss kitchen cabinets

  • Due to their glossy surface, high gloss cabinets seem more brilliant than other classic wood cabinets.
  • Available in various colors and designs.
  • Beautiful, attractive and simple.
  • The reflected light makes the surrounding space lighter.
  • Resistant to dust and fat particles , and as a result, more easily washable.


Disadvantages of high gloss kitchen cabinets

  • Our surface is not perfectly even; therefore, poly gloss coating should be applied.
  • Although high gloss kitchen cabinets are basically made of MDF panels, they are much more expensive than them.
  • They are vulnerable to getting scratched and stained.


Wood kitchen cabinets

Although wood kitchen cabinets are among the expensive cabinets, they are very high class and attractive. Wood cabinets are among the most beautiful kitchen cabinets. The most common kinds of wood used in building wood cabinets include walnut, oak, maple, cedar and pine. Built wood cabinets are usually painted polyester colors to give them both beauty and durability. It is possible to create beautiful classic designs out of wood. Also, the natural colors of wood create the sense of intimacy and warmth in atmosphere of the house.


Advantages of wood kitchen cabinets

  • They have beautiful natural colors.
  • They create a warm and charming sense in the house.
  • It is plausible to create a wide variety of designs out of wood.
  • They can be easily restored if get damaged.
  • High degree of machinability


Disadvantages of wood kitchen cabinets

  • Very expensive
  • Heavyweight and, inevitably, difficult to install.
  • Building process is time-consuming.


Modern kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinets in modern styles have become very popular these days. Such cabinets give the sense of modernity. The salient features of modern kitchen cabinets include simplicity, high height and handleless drawers. These cabinets are generally long and flat.

Depending on the client’s taste, it is possible to make illumination by small lamps. Also, the kitchen is not totally covered by the cabinets. Moreover, it is possible to create fantasy, European, Mediterranean, stairs-like and matrix designs. Modern kitchen cabinets (including high gloss, Lami Gloss and PVC) may be in the form of designs that are a combination of traditional and classic ones.

The colors applied in modern kitchen cabinets are often simple ones the most popular of which are white, silver and grey; bright colors are not usually used in modern cabinets.


  • Simple and chic.
  • Quite affordable.
  • Easily washable; no need to detergents.
  • Modern high gloss cabinets makes the surrounding space seem lighter.
  • Modern cabinets are particularly suitable for large kitchens with enough light.
  • It is possible to use a complementary color to improve attraction.


  • The magnets usually become out of order.
  • Oil stains remain on the surface; an irritant for the fastidious persons.
  • All parts should be uniform in terms of form and function; for example, it is not advisable to use handles for some part and magnets for some other.
  • Modern kitchen cabinets are not capacious enough to hold too much utensils;




Neo-classic kitchen cabinets

Neo-classic kitchen cabinets are a combination of modern and classic designs; they take advantage of both delicacy of classic designs and simplicity of modern ones. Neo-classic kitchen cabinets are particularly popular in Italy. By using Neo-classic kitchen cabinets, you can both mitigate the degree of formality of modern designs and both enjoy the intimacy and warmth of classic ones. The materials used in Neo-classic kitchen cabinets mainly include wood, metal, MDF and certain other similar materials. The designs of Neo-classic kitchen cabinets are generally provided by Italian designers.


Advantages of Neo-classic kitchen cabinets

  • No elaborate and/or cumbersome designs can be seen in Neo-classic cabinets.
  • Easily usable.
  • Easily washable; no need to apply detergents.
  • Creating an attractive atmosphere in the house which is harmonious with various decorative designs.


Disadvantages of Neo-classic kitchen cabinets

  • If certain parts get damaged, it is nearly impossible to get them repaired.
  • They should not be exposed to direct sunlight.
  • They are vulnerable to sharp-pointed objects.


Key points to maintain the kitchen cabinets

After installing the kitchen cabinets, what is very important is how to maintain, wash and protect them. In this regard, respecting certain points may help to increase the standard life of cabinets and to prevent deformation. These points are as follows:

  • Do not draw or shut the cabinet doors to much firmly. This, in the long run, may damage or loosen the door connections and/or hinges.
  • Do not put too heavy objects on the cabinets for a long time. This, in the case that the panels (or materials) are not strong enough, may deform and, eventually, break them.
  • Do not put too much stuff in the cabinet so that they do not get bulged.
  • In order to prevent the water from penetrating into the cabinet body, the seam between the sink and cabinet should be isolated with sealant.
  • If a part of the cabinet gets damaged, get it repaired immediately. Otherwise, the damaged part gets more moisture resulting in water-damaged cabinet.
  • Inspect the cabinets regularly in order to make sure that there are no pests. Certain pests may incur damages.
  • Do not wash wood cabinets with water and/or detergents.
  • Do not put the wet dishes in the cabinets.
  • Do not sit on the cabinets.
  • Wax the wooden cabinets in specified periods in order to prevent them from getting damaged.


Key points to remember when buying the kitchen cabinets

When buying kitchen cabinets, you have to take into account certain important points including price, kitchen area, color and design, the extent to which the kitchen catches light and the way the cabinet is accessible.


  • If you have a lot of stuff (be it be utensils, home appliance or kitchen wares, etc.) or feel you need still more space to place your objects in, classic cabinets well satisfy your need.
  • If you have a small kitchen and you want to make the best of the space at your disposal, the cabinets extended to the ceilings would be the best choice.
  • Too bright colors make you feel bored in a short time; rather, apply moderate, monochromatic and/or complementary colors.
  • If you have a small kitchen but still you prefer that not all the usable space gets occupied by the cabinets, choose modern cabinets.
  • If the moisture of your kitchen is high, do not use wood or metal cabinets; the best choice in this case is the cabinets with water-proof coatings.
  • If you are rather short, making use of tall cabinets may get you in trouble; rather classic cabinets would be more suitable in this case.
  • Membrane cabinets can cover all space available in the kitchen.
  • High gloss cabinets can help the indoor space in the apartment seem more spacious.
  • If you have a large kitchen, making use of cabinets with dark colors is more preferable.


Price of the kitchen cabinets

The price of the kitchen cabinets is determined based on the kind and quality of the materials used, the designs created, the area covered and size of the cabinets. The range of the price of the kitchen cabinets is as follows:


Price of MDF cabinets

The price of MDF cabinets is determined on a square per meter basis. Generally, MDF is considered as one of the economical and affordable cabinets.

Price of high gloss cabinets

The price of high gloss cabinets is about 40% more than that of MDF cabinets. However, given the attractive appearance of high gloss cabinets, these cabinets have their own customers.

Price of membrane cabinets

The price of membrane cabinets is as much as twice of the MDF cabinets.

Price of membrane cabinets

Wood cabinets are among the most expansive cabinets and, depending on the quality of materials used, the price is as much as three or four times of the MDF cabinets.

Price of wood veneer cabinets

The price of wood veneer cabinets is about as much as twice of the MDF cabinets.

In order to get more information of the price of different kinds of the cabinets, please contact A-Z.


The key points in designing kitchen cabinets and color harmony with nearby environment

When installing a kitchen cabinet, it is of high importance to choose a favorite color in harmony with its environment. Accordingly, to be aware of the psychological effect of colors on one’s mood as well as on surrounding atmosphere is a great help to choose the most suitable color. Some of the basic rules in this regard are as follows:

  • Apply complementary colors to make your kitchen more attractive.
  • If the light of your kitchen is not sufficient, installing high gloss cabinets, which reflect light, is an excellent choice.
  • If your kitchen is rather small, the most suitable colors for your kitchen are cold and light colors.

Gorgeous kitchen cabinets make your house more attractive

Beautiful cabinets simply add attraction to your house. Not only do beautiful cabinets boost the enthusiasm for cooking, but also make your house lovelier as a whole.  Beautifully-designed cabinets with capacious drawers can house your utensils and home appliances. Accredited kitchen cabinet makers supply customized, ready or semi-ready-to- install cabinets.

Visiting accredited cabinet makers has the big advantage that you can visit a wide variety of cabinets and receive technical advice. Also, your order will be ready on time and the installation will be done safely and technically. By making justifiable decision when buying cabinets, not only do you save your money but also make sure that your cabinets will work for a long time.

In all stages of choosing, providing advice, designing and installation, we stand by you.

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Advantages and disadvantages of kitchen MDF panels



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